Bike thief dies riding just-stolen motorcycle

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By Bikers United
July 4, 2019
Bike thief dies riding just-stolen motorcycle

A motorcycle thief has died in a head-on collision in Walsall, riding a motorcycle that was stolen just minutes earlier.

The 19-year old, who has yet to be named, crashed outside Barr Beacon School, near Pheasy on the outskirts of Walsall. Just 15-minutes prior to the fatal crash, the motorcycle that the deceased was riding had been taken from its owner, who was attacked by a group of men and pushed from his bike.

Three people have been charged with robbery, they are Aaron Dhaliwal, 27, of Himley Road, Dudley, Nirvair Lall, 20, of Amberley Green, and Inderjot Singh of Brookside, Great Barr, also aged 20.

West Midlands Police have confirmed that the bike involved in the incident was the same one stolen minutes earlier.

Picture credit: @thewulfran


Prevent your bike being stolen

Motorcycle crime is out of control. Fortunately, hijackings like this are rare. Your bike is far more likely to be stolen from a town-centre parking bay or lifted into a van outside your house, than you being hijacked while riding it. Our guide here shows you what you are legally allowed to do if someone tries to hijack your bike – but as we mentioned, in the UK motorcycle hijackings are few and far between, for now.

If you only use your steering lock, you’re far more likely to have your bike stolen as thieves can break these in seconds and push your bike away.

Reduce the chances of your bike being pinched by fitting a quality disc lock when out and about or using a ground anchor and chain at home.

The Metropolitan Police are running a radio campaign promoting our mantra of ‘3 layers of security’, to try and get more bikers to realise just how easy it is for thieves to steal a bike that only uses a steering lock.

These 3 simple layers will deter the majority of bike thieves:

  1. A cover like this keeps passing eyes off your bike, reducing the chance of it being a target.
  2. A disc lock like this will defeat most thicko bike thieves that only want to tackle bikes with no security.
  3. A chain like this provides an additional barrier and will enable you to lock your bike to something solid. This reduces the chances of it being lifted into a van. A thicker chain like this one is an even better shout. If you don’t have anything to lock your bike to, then a quality ground anchor like this is just the job.

Do you really want the hassle of having your bike stolen? If the answer’s no, then you owe it to yourself to make a motorcycle thief’s life harder. Save yourself the grief of knowing your pride and joy has been pinched by scumbags and do your bit to stop the rise in motorcycle theft.


Get alerts when a bike is stolen in your area

Sign up for our automated alert service.

We’ll send you an email when a motorbike is stolen in your area. This reminds you to stay vigilant, ensure your bike is secure and keep an eye out for any suspects reported by other victims of motorcycle theft.

It is not uncommon for a van to do the rounds in an area in one day and lift 4 to 5 bikes off driveways, never to be seen again.

Our alert service is free. To sign up, just visit this page.

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