Boost your security without spending a penny

Physical security is always a good idea. Most thieves just look for bikes that only use a steering lock, so even a cheap disc lock will deter some criminals. However, there are other things you can do to reduce the chance of your bike being stolen and they won't cost yo...

BikeTrac Grab Bag – Making serious security portable

BikeTrac aren't known for their visible security. The firm offers cutting-edge motorcycle trackers, designed to be discreet but robust and reliable. Now in their tenth year, BikeTrac don't just offer tracking security - they now offer two different forms of 'hard' secur...

Report your stolen motorcycle to the police online

First things first: ensure you have reported your stolen bike right here.   If your motorcycle or scooter has been stolen, you need to report it to the police in order to get a crime reference number. Your insurance company will need this crime reference number if ...

Monimoto wireless GPS motorcycle tracker – Reviewed

The Monimoto GPS tracker is a relative newcomer to the motorcycle tracker market and it's going up against some well-proven rivals. It packs a raft of features but it has one ace up its sleeve; it's wireless and can be up and running in minutes. There are other wireless...

The Best PIR Alarms for your Garage or Shed

The Guide on how to use PIR security to add additional security to your motorcycle garage or shed. Security experts always talk about layers of security. If you have a garage or shed to keep your motorcycle in, nice one, it’s one of the best layers of security you can h...

The best motorcycle ground anchors

Ground anchors are a superb anti-theft device for your motorcycle or scooter. Multiple locks won't stop your bike being lifted into a van by a few scrotes - but if your motorcycle is chained to a ground anchor, it'll be significantly harder to steal. We've scoured the i...

Fighting back – what the law says you can do

Motorcycle and moped theft is a hot topic right now. Unfortunately, it's not a London-only issue, but London does appear to 'set the trend', a trend that no-one wants to be a part of. Right now, in London, some bikers are being forced off their mopeds, motorcycles and s...

How to properly secure your scooter

Thieves love scooters. They're generally easy to steal (due to the fact they tend to be less well secured), there are loads of them in cities as they make for great transport. They're easy to ride, fit through small gaps (aiding a getaway), carry pillion passengers well...

Simple motorcycle security that criminals hate

You're twice as likely to have your motorcycle or scooter stolen now than you were 5 years ago. The risk is increasing daily. Unfortunately no lock or chain on the market can resist a determined bike thief, but the object of locking your bike properly is to prevent...

I’ve found my bike…. what next?

If you've located your bike online or out in the real world, there are important steps you should take. If your bike has been physically located If you or someone else has found your bike tucked away down an alleyway or dumped in a ditch, this is good news. Call 101 and...

Your motorbike’s been stolen: what next?

Going to the spot where your bike was and seeing nothing but an empty space is one of the worst feelings. The chances are it has been stolen but all is not lost. If you keep a cool head and follow some basic steps you'll greatly increase the chances of getting your bike...
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