Police get backing for tactical contact

Police watchdogs have called tactical force against moped thieves as a “legitimate use of force” for those officers that have had specialist training which is a huge boost in the fight against motorcycle crime. The IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) has issued...

Royal aide mugged for her £25,000 Rolex

One of the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite designers, Amanda Wakeley, has been robbed of her watch by a moped gang in Kensington. A photograph of the attackers was posted to the Instagram account of her partner and financial PR adviser, Hugh Morrison, showing the men o...

Councillor foils scooter theft

A Southwark Councillor helped reunite a bike with its owner after witnessing three young people walking along with a scooter – minutes after meeting with the police about motorbike thefts in the district. Liberal Democrat councilor Graham Neale of the Draper Estate, who...

Tactical contact halves London moped crime

MOPED enabled crime has halved in London since the police have started using tactical contact to knock suspects from scooters, mopeds and motorbikes. 'Moped enabled crime' which is the phrase used for anyone using a motorcycle or scooter to carry out thefts, such as ste...

The unbeatable bike lock?

THIS ALTOR SAF is the biggest D-Lock we've ever seen. It's not yet in production but this mammoth lock, produced by bicycle security firm Altor, could be a reality if it gets enough backing on crowd-funding website IndieGoGo. Comically large in size, it weighs over 6kg ...

Stolen motorcycle statistics – 2018 vs. 2017

Data recently obtained by Bikers United under a Freedom of Information request to the Metropolitan Police shows a welcome decline in the number of motorcycles stolen in the London area. Further encouraging news highlighted by the figures shows an increase in the proport...

Motorcycle thieves to arsonists

I wanted to share these shocking images from Hull. This is the result of scummy thieves who appear to have decided that if they can't nick your bike, then you can't have it either and they'll torch it - just to teach you a lesson. The hugely worrying thing about this is...

Recovery Story #1 Alex P’s R1200GS

When Alex P added his pristine looking BMW R1200GS this week, I was gutted for him. He'd done everything right: the bike was locked with decent lock, alarmed and immobilised and tagged up with Datatag complete with visible stickers. Stolen in the middle of the night, Al...

Bike theft: are you part of the problem?

Unfortunately motorcycle and scooter theft is something the industry doesn't really like to talk about - but it should be high up the agenda. If more new bikers were aware of the risk of their bike being stolen, sure, they might not buy a bike in the first place. Also i...
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