London moped thieves jailed following bungled snatch and grab

Bikers United
By Bikers United
August 14, 2019
London moped thieves jailed following bungled snatch and grab

TWO BUNGLING moped muggers have been jailed following a failed snatch and grab in Hackney earlier this year.

Tommy Rogers and Alfie Woods were rammed off their moped and arrested by the police in Hackney on June 21st 2019, having just targeted a lone female, mugging her of her mobile phone.

Woods and Rogers mounted the pavement on their scooter and stole a mobile phone from an unsuspecting woman. The theft was witnessed by a roads police team who pursued the thieves.

The amateur duo tried to use the pavement to evade capture, almost knocking down a pedestrian in the process. The pursuit ended within minutes when the pair were knocked off their scooter in what is known as ‘tactical contact’. Rogers was arrested there and then but Woods made off on foot. He was found minutes later in Victoria Park, having tried to evade capture by discarding the mobile phone and some of his clothing.

The scooter was stolen and the number plate on the scooter was stolen earlier that morning.

Rogers from Whitmore Estate, Hackney, was given a two-year prison sentence for robbery, aggravated vehicle taking, no insurance, dangerous driving and handling stolen goods. He was disqualified from driving for two years and ten months. Woods from Thrasher Close, Hackney, was sentenced to 16 months for robbery, aggravated vehicle taking, possession of cannabis and handling stolen goods. He was also disqualified from driving for 18 months.


  • Anonymous says:

    The sentence is not long enough
    To deter
    I would have given them 5 years without early release
    To me the sentence does not do justice to there actual reckless behaviour and that is why so many youngsters laugh at the law .

    On the other hand the Government is at fault for allowing Laws that give the youngster and the older person the green light for this
    I could be here all night explaining there are so many
    Over Crowding A pint size country
    With a pint and a half people in it chasing to few jobs
    Laws allowing easy excess to buying alcohol
    Off the shelf buying at Supermarkets

    Just look back at the Bobby on the street

    A wooden truncheon and a whistle to control law and order

    Now a Bobby has a Laser gun
    Pepper spray quick firing guns and revolver to say the least
    CCTV everywhere
    No National Service
    Where’s it all gone wrong firmly with Government and reckless Governmental planning and ideas
    And yes parents need to take there responsibilities on too

  • Michael Reynolds says:

    The governments of the last 30yrs, have actively encouraged young girls to get pregnant. Now we have millions of feral kids, being dragged up by moronic single women. There is no way it will change either.

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