Stolen BMW C1 (Y374 PRX)

Bike Description

BMW C1 200 Exec(utive). Black and silver with tan seat. Had a fixed TUCANO URBANO TERMOSCUD R034 Urban Rider Skirt; Keis Vehicle Supply Loom and Oxford Disk Lock & Chain (but chain probably busted). The ignition glove box is missing (discarded by the thieves). Bike's body work was not good - damage to side pillars and scuffs to the sides. New rear tyre. Lots of mechanical work done on the machine very recently - gutted it has been stolen as it was my daily commuting vehicle.

Theft Description

Scooter stolen from Tapton Hill Road outside church on the evening of 11th Feb. Lots of money & TLC gone in to the scooter to get it road worthy and reliable. The owner is gutted their scooter has gone: BMW C1 has a roof, so really of no use at all to anyone but a comitted C1 fan: Gutted.